ejector trailer unloading waste material for recycling

F.S. Mackenzie Environmental Services



Caring for the environment in which we all live is an issue that has been rising in prominence for many years and has now reached the stage where legislation to enforce responsible behaviour is being introduced at local and national levels and is subject to EU regulation.

Our aim is to offer and deliver services to facilitate the processes involved in recycling and disposing of waste products. We are structured to offer both contracted waste management transport and shipping solutions as well as being able to offer a nationwide bulk waste logistics service.

ejector trailer unloading metal for recyclingOur service strategy has driven us to create optimised transportation solutions, combining our own fleet operations and working with our haulage partners we now offer both a domestic and international service provision for the bulk movement of loose materials such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel), biomass and recovered paper. We operate our own and broker specialist equipment for delivery of these types of material both by road and sea.

Meticulously designed and rigorously managed, F.S. Mackenzie's environmental services have the resources to provide bulk transport and shipping services from across the UK.