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F.S Mackenzie is an unmatched provider of shipping to New Zealand services. With 25 years of practice, specialising in all modes of transport, F.S Mackenzie are a leading freight specialist for your export needs from the UK to New Zealand.

A specialist service that F.S Mackenzie provide is a shared container service (groupage/LCL) to commercial and personal goods from the UK to New Zealand. It will not always be the case that our clients will want to hire a full container when shipping goods to New Zealand. Some may have only a few items of personal or commercial goods to ship to New Zealand, and it would therefore make no sense to hire a full container. In such cases, F.S Mackenzie recommend the shared container option which was invented precisely for this reason. The client will load their commercial or personal goods into a shared container and pay only for the space they occupy in the container. The amount of space occupied will be calculated by measuring the length, width and height of the goods they have loaded inside the container.

Shared container shipping service by F.S Mackenzie is really the most cost-effective method of shipping commercial or personal goods to New Zealand. Furthermore, customers can get to ship their prized possessions in a secure and affordable way, and all loaded out of our own loading facility with F.S Mackenzie trained staff, leaving our client with full piece of mind of quality of service.

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