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At F.S. Mackenzie we are proud of our long history in the UK which dates us back to 1951 in London’s East End. The very first F.S. Mackenzie team provided overland freight forwarding solutions for 1950s Britain as a UK domestic service provider.

In the late 1990s the F.S. Mackenzie team were some of the first to set foot in several global markets offering sea, air and land logistics solutions. It is F.S. Mackenzie’s mission to venture into developing markets to offer new and competitive services to our customers.

F.S. Mackenzie quickly grew to diversify, offering more comprehensive logistics services until the latter end of the 20th Century when F.S. Mackenzie entered the global arena. The company also became one of the largest privately-owned freight companies in the UK, expanding from being a UK based domestic provider to the well-established freight forwarder we know today.

In the early 2000s F.S. Mackenzie opened our first fully dedicated air freight and road freight UK offices at London’s Heathrow and Dover ports. Here, each office - including Basildon HQ which offers sea freight services - has a dedicated expert team for all freight and logistics solutions.

Since 2014 F.S. Mackenzie has operated under the ownership of Singapore Post Limited through Famous Pacific Shipping Group. Singapore Post as the country’s postal service provider, has been delivering trusted and reliable services to homes and businesses in Singapore.

Today, at F.S. Mackenzie, we strive for development in order to offer you a simple but demanding promise:

To provide you with the highest quality shipping services that are both proficient and punctual.

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